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The orchids inevitably evokes an exotic flower, sweet and heady. For those who are able to see, our wild meadows, wasteland and some woods yet contain a multitude of species of orchids, and look closely, they really have nothing to envy to their tropical cousins. From April to September, dozens of species succeed in small forgotten corners of nature, or simply properly "managed".

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¬ nature, Wild orchids

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¬ travel - nature, Norway, Varanger

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¬ travel - nature, Iceland, navel of the Earth

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¬ travel - nature, Norway - Lyngen Alps

¬ travel - nature, Norway, autumn atmosphere

Autumn contrast Dancing birches Dovrefjell

¬ travel - nature, Norway, boreal light

Aurora borealis Aurora Borealis Aurora borealis

¬ nature, Harvesting with the squirrel

cedar cones cedar sprig collecting on the top of a spruce

¬ travel - nature, Norway, Dovrefjell National Park

Alone Arctic light Confrontation

¬ travel - nature, Sicily and the Aeolian, islands of fire

Adventitious cone on Mount Etna Arbutus berries , Lipari Asphodel, Lipari

¬ travel - adventure, At the Tibetan farwest borders

Bridge near Sorra, upstream Karnak Chu Changpa girl, Narbu Changpa women spinning wool, Narbu

¬ nature, Enlighting the Bauges mountains

Bauges foothills after the thunderstorm Bornes mountains from the Semnoz Chamois playing on Mount Pecloz

¬ travel - adventure, Jordan, Wadi Rum & Petra

Al Deir, Petra Al Khazneh, Petra Al Khazneh, Petra

¬ travel - nature, Norway, arctic islands

Aconitum Angelic Arctic berry leaf

 travel - nature, Oman, the nature’s side of Arabia

An island of life in the Wahiba sand Baobab in Dhofar Basin of clear water, Wadi Taab

¬ travel - adventure, Oman, lounge of the Djins

190m above the access of the "letterbox" Abseil installations Access slopes to Selma Plateau

¬ travel - nature, Costa Rica, voices of the selva

dendrobates pumilio Fishermen gandoca manzanillo
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