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15th june total lunar eclipse

Yesterday evening, I joined several amateur astronomers on the mountain, just across from my house to watch the spectacle of this total eclipse of the Moon.

The phenomenon is not very rare (much less than solar eclipses) but the context of that of 15 June was quite unique : the Moon would appear in the entire eclipse in early night, which would allow to combine the visual effect of a moon near the horizon and a sky not yet dark as black ink. Bad luck, the clouds took their time to evacuate the sky and I missed the beginning. When the moon finally appeared, it was already a little high, the night was already fairly dense. And soon the moon left the umbra of the Earth to regain its luster.

I then take the opportunity to make a small timelapse movie you can watch below :

15th june total moon eclipse from Sylvain Dussans on Vimeo.

Lunar eclipse

15th june total lunar eclipse

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